Sharon Dines, Managing Principal New Zealand

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Sharon Dines

Managing Principal, New Zealand

T: +64 27 360 4319

Humble beginnings

Like most of our Ramboll team in New Zealand, I am a Kiwi. I grew up north of Auckland on the outskirts of Matakana, just a few minutes from the beach. It was idyllic. The area was mostly dairy farms and market gardens and definitely no movie theatre! With an inquiring mind and passion for the outdoors, I studied Earth Sciences at Waikato University, completing a Masters degree specialising in hydrology. Once I graduated, I worked in the environmental and planning field in the corporate arena for a few years before completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies from Lincoln University. 

My Job 

Most of my career and experience has been spent working on complex planning and environmental projects in the rural, water, energy and infrastructure sectors throughout New Zealand. With extensive experience in strategic resource management, assessments of environmental effects (EIAs), managing environmental projects and multidisciplinary project teams and stakeholder engagement, I lead a team of environmental experts and marine scientists for our New Zealand business. As part of my role, I obtain resource management approvals and represent clients in plan development processes in Council, Environment Court and Board of Inquiry processes.  

What makes Ramboll different

One of the things that sets Ramboll apart is our ability to bring experts together from across disciplines, countries, and different firms to create a ‘best for project’ team for each of the projects we work on for our clients. One of our most significant projects in New Zealand has involved a team comprising of Ramboll’s employees from Denmark, India and New Zealand and a local engineering consultancy. Despite the different time zones, disciplines and countries, the team worked together collaboratively and seamlessly for the delighted client.

Environmental challenges in a post-COVID world

In the short term, I think our challenge in New Zealand will be how we continue to live and then re-engage with the rest of the world as we all continue to grapple with COVID-19. We’re living in a changed world, but I think there is also an opportunity to find ways to do things both differently and better compared to what we have done before in dealing with our significant environmental challenges such as climate change, water quality and water allocation, addressing the infrastructure deficit and the housing crisis.


When I am not my teenage children’s driver, my favourite pastimes are travelling overseas and attending concerts and shows. Those things have been hard to do in the last 12 months, but New Zealand has some fantastic holiday spots, and I have enjoyed more time with family, friends and books!