Acoustic Section Manger, Andreas Lejholm


Andreas Lejholm, Associate Director - Acoustics

Andreas Lejholm

Associate Director, Acoustics, Middle East
T: +971 4 334 3616

Andreas Lejholm, a Swedish native with years of impressive experience throughout the UK, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Australia. Acoustics brings a new and unique service, one in which Andreas hopes to hone and grow throughout his tenure here at Ramboll.

As the son of a musician, Andreas was always motivated by his love for music, spending much time in his father's recording studio and eventually becoming a DJ during his college years, performing at clubs, pubs, and social events.  With this, he decided to attend the Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden to do his Masters degree in Sound and Vibration and a further year of studies at Griffith University in Surfers Paradise.
Andreas' experience, both broad and highly diverse, is also as interesting as his earlier endeavours. He started his career as the only Acoustics engineer for Atkins in Sweden before being transferred to the London operations.

"I was offered the opportunity to join the Atkins team in central London to work as a communications engineer for the Metronet Project (London Underground), but still being involved with the acoustic design of the station and the main point of contact between DK and UK."

Andreas relocated once again within Atkins, this time to their Dubai office. "I took on the challenge and moved to Dubai in January 2008 to work as a regional acoustician for Atkins. In late 2009 I was approached by AECOM with an offer too good to turn down and decided to join their acoustic team as a Senior Engineer in Dubai." During his time in the city, he worked on a number of interesting projects in multiple countries, including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi, Iraq and Azerbaijan.

After three years with AECOM, Andreas was offered another great opportunity and decided to move to Perth, Australia to start up the acoustic section for an Australian company. Two years later, Andreas decided to come back to Dubai "We missed the busy life in Dubai, all our friends, the interesting projects and considering all our family is back in Sweden we decided the right thing to do was to move back to Dubai in 2014."

Andreas decided to join Ramboll for many reasons. Yet, his initial impression of the company and friendly staff was the most dominate influencer. He also believed that the opportunity at Ramboll would provide him with challenges as Acoustics is predominantly a new service in RME, one that will need focus, time, and effort to develop.

In the end, the answer for his decision and choice to work at Ramboll is simple: “The opportunity of working for a large renowned company with great staff and interesting future opportunities.


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Tel: +971 4 334 3616
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