Senior Public Health Engineer, Kapil Badonia

An engineer plays a crucial role in building a better world. Our Senior Engineer from Buildings shares his story on how he became an engineer and that collaboration is essential to succeed. Kapil says that an optimistic approach towards work along with team-work can turn what seems impossible into a possible reality.


Kapil Badonia

Senior Public Health Engineer, India
T: +91 (022) 62589797

A Senior Engineer in Ramboll’s Buildings team in Mumbai, Kapil Badonia is responsible for Public Health Engineering and Fire Protection services. He has more than a decade of experience working on diverse projects across residential, commercial, educational, health care, hospitality and retail sectors.


“My optimistic approach to life coupled with my problem-solving ability is what directed me towards the field of Engineering.” He believes that Engineering is a science which explains everything, it can turn what seems impossible into a possible reality. “An engineer plays a very important role in building a better world, and this is what drives me - to make a significant difference to the world as an engineer,” he said.


In his role as a Public Health Engineer and Fire Protection services, he studies, analyses and designs safety measures to ensure that buildings are safe for people to use and that all necessary preventive measures are in place to mitigate the emergency when it strikes.


Kapil’s work involves a lot of collaboration with various stakeholders within and outside Ramboll. “I strongly believe in collaborative working. I need to consult with people across different levels to draft a design into a drawing. I also coordinate with clients, architects, structural consultants and other experts as per the project need. At Ramboll, we also have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the globe to find the perfect solution.”


Kapil contently recalls that his work on the Commercial Business Building in Colombo, Sri Lanka was most appreciated by clients and his colleagues. He has also provided his expertise to prestigious projects such as Raymond City Plot 2, Thane and Lodha Palava City, Mumbai.


Kapil’s charismatic approach makes him the go-to person for his colleagues for advice and expertise. When he is not working, Kapil indulges in one of the many sports he likes - cricket, football, table-tennis, badminton and carroms. He also enjoys reading, travelling and listening to music.


First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 334 3616
Fax +971 4 334 3617


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