More responsibility motivates me

Vineeta works as lead electrical engineer at Ramboll Energy in Qatar. She has a B.E. (Hons.) in electrical engineering from Punjabi University, India.


Vineeta Arora

Lead Electrical Engineer

Encouraged to manage projects

When Vineeta Arora joined Ramboll in 2010, the role as project manager was not initially part of her job profile. But when her manager asked her to head a new project because he was confident she had the capability to take on the role, she had no second thoughts.“I feel very motivated by the fact that I have been given more responsibilities. I believe that empowerment creates and drives a high performance culture in the organisation. In fact, the opportunity to assume new roles and grow can occur very fast in Ramboll. It’s part of the culture in the company that you’re encouraged to constantly develop professionally to grow to your full potential. There are no biases based on ethnicity, age or gender, because diversity is appreciated and valued,” says Vineeta .

Appreciating the benefits of cross-organisational teamwork

The Ramboll organisation stretches across many countries and continents. Cross-organisational cooperation is therefore part of Vineeta’s everyday work life, both as project manager and lead electrical engineer. "When working from multiple locations across the organisation, the challenge is to take the initiative and move ahead. The communication should be clear and if the responsibilities between the units are clearly defined, then you are on track. That is my experience. In addition, you need to trust your colleagues’ capabilities and value the benefits of teamwork, and at the same time appreciate the multicultural environment, where the values, beliefs and certain conventions are different from yours," she explains.


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