Finance Manager Rasmy Sudev

On top of finances

Rasmy Sudev has worked in different positions at Ramboll's office in Doha, starting as a secretary, then document controller, proposal coordinator, accounts and administration manager and for the past six years, she has worked as finance manager for the offices in Doha (Qatar) and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Numbers, number, numbers – and people

As finance manager, she is responsible for finance, accounting, payroll, taxation and reporting to management.
"I love to be involved in many different areas, and I have gained valuable experience from the different positions to my job as finance manager. The fact that I know the people of the offices, what they work with and the major projects gives me a good all-round background. The challenges that I have been part of has also made me stronger and more bold which also is a good thing when working with hard facts and numbers," Rasmy says.

Days are never the same

She thrives with the variety in her job where she needs to be proactive to minimise risks and stay in control.

"The days are never the same in my job. I love to play with numbers and find solutions to financial issues, and I have a strong team of colleagues around me that play a vital role in handling the finances. In the 12 years I have been with Ramboll, I have never been bored. In a way, Ramboll is like family to me," she says. 

Responsible for implementing organisational systems in region

Rasmy has an important role in the overall support function of Ramboll as she is part of implementing new financial and payroll systems as super user co-ordinator and regional trainer.

"I have attended meetings in Denmark and Sweden for new systems within HR and financial data on a group level. I have a strong network across Ramboll and it is very motivating to be included in overall strategic roll-outs of support systems," she explains.

A background in economics

Rasmy holds a Master's Degree in Economics from M G University in India. She moved to Doha in 1999 with her husband. Today, they have two children aged 6 and 3 and they spend most of their time outside work with the family.


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