From piping engineer to HSEQ manager

Senthilkumar is HSEQ manager at Ramboll Oil & Gas Middle East. He has a B.E in Mechanical Engineering from Shanmugha College of Engineering, India, and he lives in Doha, Qatar, with his wife.


HSEQ Manager, Senthilkumar Marimuthu

Senthilkumar Marimuthu

HSEQ Manager

From piping engineer to regional HSEQ manager in the Middle East

As HSEQ manager at Ramboll Oil & Gas in the Middle East, Senthilkumar Marimuthu has the regional responsibility for health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) issues for the Abu Dhabi and Qatar offices. He has a solid engineering background and a proven ability to analyse and manage complex challenges, which has given him a good basis for handling HSEQ issues in all types of projects. He started working as a piping engineer and when it was decided to train a new HSEQ manager for the region, Senthilkumar was offered a new job.

"I was asked if I might be interested in a change of job profile along with comprehensive training within the HSEQ field. I thought it was the perfect chance for me to become truly engaged in the booming oil and gas industry," Senthilkumar says.

Building up a position and a responsibility

Senthilkumar was sent to attend a HSEQ training course in Dubai.

"I was the first employee to be working full-time with HSEQ in the region. I have been part of the efforts to build up the position and the job responsibility with the corporate HSEQ manager and regional director. It has been a huge and very positive challenge for me. I feel confident in my role and I am proud of the HSEQ achievements we make across the company," he says.

Insights from projects, clients and management

Today he is trained to view challenges and tasks from a critical perspective to ensure that projects are solved in a timely, accurate and creative manner. His main responsibilities include internal and external HSEQ audits, establishing procedures and guidelines for new requirements, and evaluating the HSEQ performance.

"Overall, I feel very included in the region's projects and the working relations at the office, and I participate in both project team meetings, client meetings and management meetings. Here I get new insights, challenges and new tasks as well as a sense of being part of the day-to-day business," Senthilkumar says.


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