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Whether you are due to graduate shortly and are looking at where to start your career, or you want to get some exposure to the industry while still studying, Ramboll can help you.

Local HR contact

Maria Manzoor, Head of HR

Maria Manzoor

Head of HR, Middle East and Asia
T: +971 4 334 3616

We work in a variety of ways with students who are still studying. For instance, we offer presentations at universities, provide topics, support and guidance for projects.  We also give tours and demonstrations of projects we work on and offer short term placements within the company to experience the working environment at a busy multi-disciplinary engineering firm. When possible, we work with local universities to support the development of the next generation of engineers in the Middle East and Asia, as well as assisting with foreign universities whose students visit the area.

As part of empowering our staff and in line with our corporate values, we try to recruit at junior levels, allowing our staff to move upwards. This means that we are keen to look at the best graduate engineers and professionals from local and international universities. Ramboll prides itself on its innovation needs to bring in new people, to give fresh perspectives and share new ideas with the business. We feel that in recruiting graduates and supporting their development, Ramboll will get the benefit of driven young professionals who can help develop our business.

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We are always looking for talented and passionate people across a wide range of disciplines to join us, please view our current vacancies.

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Open student and graduate positions are posted on our current vacancies page.


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