A Passion for Engineering

At Ramboll, we acknowledge that our success depends on the creativity, insight and integrity of our employees. We empower the people within our organisation, welcome individual differences and create multi-talented teams.


Maria Manzoor, Head of HR

Maria Manzoor

Head of HR, Middle East and Asia
T: +971 4 334 3616

We believe that new ideas emerge and develop best in teams of diverse professional and personal backgrounds. This is why our employees work in small, dynamic cross-disciplinary project teams supported by a culture that prioritises knowledge sharing.

This, combined with our employees’ passion for engineering, creates an environment for innovation and a belief that there is a solution for every engineering challenge.

Company Culture

B.J. Ramboll wrote down his management principles in a ‘Corporate Philosophy’. "The essence is that you have to behave properly and decently as a person and treat all others as you wish them to treat yourself. This relates to individual customers, colleagues and society as a whole. Being decent and proper does not only concern whether your tie is in place when doing business. It is about treating other people and society right in a longterm perspective.

The high ethical standards, responsibility towards society and happy and content employees are still key elements in Ramboll’s approach to business. Over the years this Ramboll philosophy has proven to be right and is still guiding us today.


Through the inherent ability of our people, our decency and exacting business principles and values, Ramboll strives to create solutions to our customers that balance human and commercial needs and are genuinely insightful and progressive.


Ramboll is committed to helping create inspirational and long-standing solutions that allow people and nature to flourish.


We value working together and people who are forthcoming even if it means lending a hand to another team. This results to an influx of creative thoughts that can be turned to business reality. It just makes achieving our goal more rewarding and fun.


This philosophy furthers to how we work which can be seen in the friendly environment we work in and smart casual dress code we have. We make sure our people take their time to do what they do best and get the support they need to balance their work and their life outside work by giving them time off when needed.


First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 334 3616
Fax +971 4 334 3617

Mail: info@ramboll.ae

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