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Our business areas within engineering and management consulting offer a wide range of opportunities for talented professionals.


The built environment constitutes a fundamental part of our lives and communities. In recent years, there has been a rising demand for energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings evolving from the debate on how to combat climate change. In addition, design remains a major focus, and there is a great demand for unique and innovative design solutions.

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Urbanisation, globalisation, and climate change represent three of today’s biggest global challenges – and they all have a profound effect on the transport area. The need to create denser, well-functioning residential environments within existing urban areas requires engineering solutions that are sustainable, innovative and cost-effective...

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As human beings, we rely on the nature around us to supply basic necessities such as food and water. Global challenges including urbanisation, climate change and extreme weather conditions make the need for preserving our natural resources increasingly evident. The management of water resources, for instance, has become a global concern and a priority for future sustainable development.

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The challenge that lies ahead for the energy sector is to plan and implement an energy system that is capable of meeting the growing demand for energy while at the same time limiting climate change.

Our 1500 energy specialists truly make a difference, advising on sustainable and energy efficient solutions applied to flagship projects all over the world. For instance, 50 per cent of the world’s offshore wind turbines rise from foundations designed by Ramboll; more than 70 new waste-to-energy units and retrofits in 30 countries around the world have been procured by Ramboll; the largest ongoing European bioconversion project is being carried out with Ramboll as the Owner’s Engineer; and the most sophisticated district heating network supplying heat to more than 1 million people has Ramboll as the client’s lead consultant.

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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is continuously on the lookout for new ways of optimising the exploration and production of fossil fuels. This brings plenty of challenging projects to our consultancy desk, keeping our employees on their toes and up to speed on the latest industry know-how. With increasing activities, we're always looking for qualified employees to join our staff. We employ people with a wide range of backgrounds; from engineers and technicians to biologists and economists.


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Management consulting

Ramboll Management Consulting’s consultancy services take their starting point in our Scandinavian heritage, international outlook and local insight. We do our best to find solutions which accelerate private companies’ competitiveness and develop our society every day. For this purpose, we need a wide range of highly skilled people who specialise in fields such as economics, social sciences, organisational development, international studies, IT, change management and communication.

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