Working in Management Consulting

As the number one Nordic consultancy and a part of Ramboll we strive to create value for our clients and society at large. In our opinion, ideas flourish and develop in settings where highly skilled people with different backgrounds and knowledge prosper and evolve.

In Ramboll Management Consulting, we help private companies gaining competitive strength and we help governments making long-term decisions for society by providing independent and effective consultancy with strong methodological anchoring. In doing this, we draw upon more than 40 years of experience. The link to academia has long been a trademark of ours. As a result we do not only consume knowledge – we also produce. For instance we write numerous books, publish peer-review articles, and launch yearly reports on e.g. IT in Practice and Customer Experience Management. Furthermore, we are leading in Europe within evaluation, systemic leadership, and randomised control trials.

Client-oriented solutions

The public sector concerns you and me. As a consultant in Ramboll Management Consulting you will be an important part of a company with the ability to better the decisions made in this sector. Whether it is the introduction of electric cars, the development of a new public school or digitalisation of healthcare, our main target is to provide sustainable solutions for the greater good.

The private sector is in a daily struggle to secure competitive edge, increase productivity and to deliver measurable results. We help our clients do just this. Our consultants typically work within areas such as IT consulting, business development, corporate strategy, project management, social impact assessment or organisational change.

Stronger together

The consultancy industry is often characterised by its ‘lonely wolves’. In Ramboll Management Consulting, however, we team up. We believe that the best solutions are designed by teams of cooperating consultants. We also believe that business development is created through community and sharing of knowledge. We consider it an advantage to be rooted in Nordic values. That is why we offer an open and trusting work environment based on dialogue, decentralised management and social involvement as the foundation for our unique community.


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