Farhad Pakshad

Farhad Pakshad

Senior Concept Specialist, Norway

T: +47 9001 8744

“Farhad Pakshad holds a MSc. in mechanical engineering with reliability and safety as special field. He has 15 years of experience working with different aspects of HSE, and loss prevention & control (technical safety) in the oil and gas industry. It is his responsibility to review projects with the overall perspective on a safe working environment and safe operation.”

I'm appreciated for my knowledge

Farhad is involved in projects on all levels right from tender to detailed designs, and he enjoys the diversity. 'I work on my own tasks but I also supervise the engineering team on safety aspects,' Farhad says. 'What I enjoy the most at Ramboll is the strong focus on professionalism – on our technical skills and competence. It is very clear to me that I am appreciated for the knowledge I bring into projects, and that makes me both proud and dedicated,' Farhad says.

My days are never the same

In his own words Farhad hates routine tasks, so nothing could suit him better than working within technical safety, which involves so many diverse elements. He has to understand every aspect of operation at oil and gas facilities. That really requires a great deal of insight into all involved engineering disciplines, their interrelation and also into regulatory requirements. Add to that client specifications, and you have a really interesting puzzle to put together. 

Lifelong learning

In the course of his career, Farhad has worked as engineer as well as team leader, HSE design coordinator and department manager.

'You don't become a multidiscipline expert over night, Farhad explains, it takes many years of project work to understand the basics of all engineering disciplines involved in for instance a topsides design. I usually say to my younger colleagues that they should not despair. The only way they will learn about all the details is by asking questions again and again. Even with my many years of experience, I still learn new things, which is very satisfying indeed.'

If you'd like to know more about life as a senior concept specialist at Ramboll Oil & Gas, you are welcome to contact Farhad.


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