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Philip Kite

Team Director, Building Services

T: +44 7918 690 884

“Optimising functionality of buildings whilst delivering an outstanding design with a low carbon footprint is a challenge we set ourselves on every project.”

Philip Kite joined Ramboll in 2007 as Team Director for the Services Group in the UK.

Philip is a senior Director in the building services division, London region, with responsibility for all aspects of building services, engineering and sustainability across many projects. These include the resourcing, operational performance and quality control of the work delivered, as well as developing technical expertise within the team of engineers and sustainability specialists.

Philip also works as a project director, with technical responsibility for a number of projects. He has extensive experience in large commercial buildings and high-end London office developments, working on new builds, refurbishments and listed buildings. As the lead client contact, he helps clients get the strategy and delivery plan of their projects right. Working in an advisory capacity, he sets the overall technical direction of the project, establishing both the services and the sustainability strategy for the building.

Philip also has an active interest in International Projects, including Doha Metro, Qatar, Riyadh Digital City and leisure projects in Monte Negro.

As sustainability increases in importance, so does the challenge of meeting energy needs with low- or zero-carbon emissions. Philip feels an imaginative approach is needed to develop a cost-effective solution that complies with building energy regulations. Achieving the desired energy performance of a building can affect its form and Philip works collaboratively with architects to ensure their design vision for the building is realised.


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