Muriel Bouzniac

Muriel Bouzinac-Martin

Principal - Impact Assessment

T: +33 14271 1110

Muriel Bouzinac-Martin has more than 13 years of experience in environmental consulting in the US and France, with specific expertise in environmental, health and safety auditing, due diligence services, site investigations, contaminated site management and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). Muriel has conducted and managed projects for industrial clients, government agencies and financial institutions in Europe, the US, Africa and Latin America. She holds an MS in Environmental Engineering and an MS in Engineering (Energy). She is a registered professional engineer.


First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
Tel:+971 4 334 3616
Fax:+971 4 334 3617


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