Ramboll to enter a strategic partnership with Capital Region Denmark to renovate their hospitals

14 September 2021
The Capital Region Denmark (Region Hovedstaden) has chosen Ramboll to be part of a strategic partnership that seeks to renovate the Region’s hospitals in the coming four years. Ramboll won the strategic partnership with MT Højgaard, Kemp & Lauritzen and Link Architecture in a collaboration called ‘SammenHoldet’ (TeamWork), where Ramboll will act as a consultant.
Copenhagen, Denmark: Rigshospitalet is the largest hospitals in Denmark and the most highly specialised hospital in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Rigshospitalet is the largest hospitals in Denmark and the most highly specialised hospital in Copenhagen.


 Brian Bieler Thybo

Brian Bieler Thybo

Division Unit Manager Denmark
T: +45 51613987

A report delivered by Ramboll in 2017 showed a critical backlog on the Capital Region’s buildings if these were not renovated now. Therefore, the Capital Region and contract owner Center for Ejendomme collected building and renovation projects for over two billion DDK into a four-year agreement, aiming to address approx. 400 building and renovation projects in the Region every year while raising the quality in the building sector.

The project is referred to as a strategic partnership and will focus on securing a close cooperation between the client, contractors and consultants. The purpose of the partnership is a strong collaboration from the start of the renovation to the finish that ensures long-lasting solutions with an emphasis on quality and time optimisation due to the versatile qualifications of the people involved. 

MT Højgaard and Kemp & Lauritzen act as contractors while Link Architecture and Ramboll acts as consultants. 

A multidisciplinary project that stands out

With a project this size, challenges may arise. Therefore, Ramboll must solve the sub-projects so that SammenHoldet can succeed with the overall project delivery. That means considering the varying diversity, complexity and economy of the individual projects. It is the vision that the partnership will be based on dialogue and trust, thereby passing on the experience to the following projects without having to re-establish new collaborative relationships every time and thus, optimising the use of the resources available. 

“Right now, our focus is to get the project up to speed to ensure the throughput that the project requires to make full use of the resources available. It is crucial that we assign the right people with the right qualifications to the case so we can get the project started with the best possible conditions for success,” Brian Bieler Thybo, Global Division Unit Manager for Ramboll Spearhead Hospitals, says. 

The strategic partnership began in March 2021 and will continue up until 2025.


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