Celebrating Women in Engineering

28 June 2019

International Women in Engineering Day was observed across the globe on Sunday, 23 June. To celebrate this occasion, we are introducing some of Ramboll’s inspiring women engineers as they share their journey with you.

Harpreet Kaur Bajaj, Senior Transport Planner, India

Harpreet Kaur Bajaj, Senior Transport Planner, India


Harpreet Kaur Bajaj, Senior Transport Planner, India

Harpreet Kaur Bajaj

Senior Transport Planner, India
T: +91 124 4611999

Meet Harpreet Kaur Bajaj, Senior Transport Planner at Ramboll based in our Gurgaon office

Harpreet has over 10 years of experience in the assessment of perspective growth of economic activities in the project influence area and related traffic growth rate estimation in transport demand studies, traffic data analysis including the traffic volume count and origin destination analysis and forecasting the traffic growth. She has been aggressively involved in the traffic growth rate forecasting of the toll road studies.

As a transport planning specialist, how do you think your work at Ramboll is contributing towards a better/more sustainable future?
As urbanisation becomes more pronounced, traffic management becomes more challenging, in my role as Transport Planning Specialist, I help clients meet high demands for assessment of improved transportation network. Efficient traffic planning leads to better transport infrastructure resulting lower pollution levels, better utilisation of resources and less travel time for commuters- all of these factors contribute towards a sustainable future.

What do you consider your most significant achievement while working at Ramboll? 
Ramboll has given me an opportunity to work on several interesting projects. The most special one, however, is TOT Bundle 1 which involved an assessment of traffic and revenue for the nine assets spread over Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. Based on the analysis carried by us taking into account the macro and micro economic factors which could impact the future traffic growth on these corridors, the client won the bid. 

It is not easy for a woman to strike a balance between a successful career and a happy family life, how do you manage to achieve this balance? (any tips/advice)
Between a deluge of emails, back-to-back meetings, and nonstop deadlines, it is challenging to squeeze in time for family and friends. However, I always keep my priorities and goals in mind. For me, prioritising tasks/time and planning is the most important factor while trying to strike a balance between work and family. I always try to adhere to the timelines at work by streamlining the tasks. By doing so, I complete the assigned tasks on time.  Most important thing, which I try to follow, is that as soon as I get out of office, keep my mind free of the thoughts related to office work and I get engrossed in my personal life. Listening to Punjabi songs is a stress reliever for me. 

What would be your advice to young women engineers who are starting off their career?
If you are good at your job and show an aptitude, nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. There’s no better feeling than waking up every morning and doing something you enjoy and making a difference to the world at the same time. Yes, engineering can be an extremely challenging field to pursue, and there are going to be obstacles along the way but you need to trust yourself.

If you could go back in time and do something about your early days as an engineer differently, what would it be?
I have always enjoyed whatever opportunities life has offered me and my work makes me happy. I have had a successful and satisfying career and I don’t think I would want to change anything.


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