Construction Week Middle East features Ramboll 'The Overshadowed Aspect of Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment'

9 February 2022
The February 2022 edition of Construction Week Middle East Magazine has featured insights from our Senior Sustainability Consultants, Ishan Kalra, Hunyum Murya and Sustainability Director & Head of Specialisms, Ali Amiri on the transformation with regards to the operational energy consumption of buildings.
Kampung Admiralty - view out into gardens

Kampung Admiralty - view out into gardens


Ishan Kalra

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Over the last decade the construction industry has seen significant developments with regards to reducing the operational energy consumption of buildings in the form of passive and active passive design strategies. This is evident when comparing the change in the ratio of operational carbon to embodied carbon from 70:30 to a 50:50 level at present. Only through design interventions and sustainable procurement and construction strategies aimed at minimizing embodied carbon in addition to implementing active and passive strategies for operational carbon reduction can a project achieve a holistic decline in associated carbon.

Ramboll’s embodied carbon management approach begins from early design stages in the form of a regional and international benchmarking exercise coupled with an early life cycle (LCA). Despite the love accuracy of an early LCA’s results, being involved at early design stages allows project teams and clients to have the largest impact on the embodied carbon associated with the project.

Read the full article on Construction Week Middle East e-magazine.


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