How can smart city solutions benefit cities in pandemic times?

5 June 2020
Ramboll’s smart city solutions expert, K Suresh Babu, shares how it is relevant now more than ever for cities to be smart and responsive to a crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic.


K Suresh Babu

Business Development Director, Towers & Telecom

Smart cities are cities that leverage technology to access real-time data and trends of its inhabitants which will help create a sustainable and intelligent environment. Through our smart city offering, Ramboll is actively contributing to the smart cities mission, which is in line with the Indian Government’s broader agenda of Digital India.

“Data is key. We see in the news every day that data relating to COVID-19 keeps us informed on the number of new cases, the countries affected and trends. Similarly, data accessed from cities in times like now can inform us about the successful implementation of lockdown, violations, red, orange and green zones, enables public announcements and awareness campaigns. This data becomes crucial for city authorities to make informed decisions” said K Suresh Babu, Business Development Director – Towers and Telecom. 

How can smart cities help manage a crisis?

Smart city infrastructure, like smart poles, smart bus stations and solar trees can power cities with multiple functionalities and can also pass real-time data back to the data centre. The efficiency of a lockdown in different parts of a city can be monitored, hotspots can be identified, and subsequently, areas that need frequent sanitisation can be demarcated, important messages can be conveyed to residents via the announcement systems or the billboards, enforcement of social distancing norms among citizens, information about neighbourhood shops for essentials and others. 

Governments and city authorities are working relentlessly to ensure public safety. In a smart city, local authorities have access to data from Command Control Centres (CCC) that enable appropriate deployment of manpower depending on the need, thereby reducing manual checks significantly. This also ensures that our frontline workers are well-informed to protect themselves from the disease.

How efficient are Ramboll’s solutions?

Ramboll’s structural designs of masts and towers are internationally recognised, and our industry-renowned experts collaborate and contribute to defining the international codes & standards for such structures. Currently, Ramboll chairs the IASS Group (International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures) on Towers & Masts. We are also ranked as a world leader for Masts and Towers as per ENR 2018.

Our team of smart city experts bring a deep understanding of the ever-complex demands of providing world-class telecommunication infrastructure that enables cities to become more interactive and analytics-based, which makes governance more efficient. Designed to be multi-functional and simplistic, our designs can be flexibly customised to be integrated with the functionality that a city/client needs. We maintain a high quality in our design, detailing, quality and durability, and our multi-utility smart city solutions are capable of handling all types of technology and future needs. 

Ramboll has successfully deployed smart city solutions at Vishakhapatnam, Amaravati, Dahod, Agartala and some other cities are in the deployment stage.

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