Ramboll takes centre stage at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards

25 February 2018

Ramboll wins in two categories, Innovative Managed Services for tower assessments and Innovative Smart City Solutions for our smart city poles at the coveted Aegis Graham Bell Awards.


Tish Koh

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At the 8th edition of the Aegis Graham Bell Awards ceremony held on Friday night in New Delhi, Ramboll was named the winner in two categories - Innovative Managed Services for tower assessment and Innovative Smart City Solutions for smart city poles. The Aegis Graham Bell Award is the largest innovation award for the ICT domain in India that promotes innovation as well as entrepreneurship in the field of Telecom, Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Security to provide recognition for outstanding contributions by the innovators.

With a background of nearly 70 years in analysis, design, construction and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure, Ramboll’s tower assessment service benefits the Telecom industry and the users as well. The tower assessment service, also known as reverse engineering is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. This service ensures the optimum use of national assets like steel and land, thereby serving as a win-win to clients, users, people, nation and the world at large.

Commenting on winning the Innovative Managed Services award, Ravi Kumar Bobba, Associate Director Telecom at Ramboll stated that, “It is very encouraging for us to receive this appreciation, this service leads the way to a safe future owing to its sustainable and environment-friendly nature. It involves an integration of multiple stakeholders, which is unique. Our design, field and software engineers work together using in-house software tools to provide safe and best service in a quick turnaround time for clients.”

As part of its innovative culture, Ramboll has designed smart city poles. These multi-functional sleek structures aesthetically beautify city streets and can be customised to the clients’ and local government authorities’ requirements. The Government’s smart liveable cities initiative is becoming the new reality, and Ramboll has appropriately designed its smart poles to meet this need.

“Ramboll’s smart city poles are versatile, durable and high in quality ” remarked Suresh Babu, Business Development Director Towers and Telecom at Ramboll, “It is exciting to win this award especially in the Smart city solutions category, as this is part of the broader agenda of the country’s initiative to create smart liveable cities in India.”

Pankaj Sachdeva, Ramboll’s CMD Telecom and Energy, stated “We are elated that we won two awards, proving that we are working in the right direction. Continuous innovation and sustainability are at the core of what we do at Ramboll, and winning the awards is indeed a testament to the good work we have been practising. A big thank you to my dedicated team, our clients and partners who have always supported us. Apart from winning the award, we felt a deep sense of achievement interacting with experts and sharing knowledge at this platform that Aegis Graham Bell Awards have provided for us.”


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