Ramboll sponsors Computer Labs for the Visually Impaired

15 July 2021
In partnership with Silver Linings, Ramboll has provided support for establishing computer labs for the visually impaired in India, where they will receive training to enhance their education and employment opportunities. 


Vidya Basarkod, Director Ramboll Engineering Centre

Vidya Basarkod

Country Director - India and Ramboll Engineering Centre Director

Silver Linings, a not for profit organisation, has been striving for inclusive education for visually impaired children since 2006. Over the years, they have provided hostels for girls, empowered women, facilitated the reduction of preventable blindness, and have been instrumental in helping thousands of disabled and non-disabled people live a better life.

Ramboll partnered with Silver Linings to support the visually impaired community to help make a positive change in many lives. In 2020, Ramboll established a Computer centre for visually impaired students to assist them with better education, and in 2021 continued to support the centre.

Preeta Monga, the founder of Silver Linings, has been blind since childhood and has been a significant contributor in spearheading the movement towards inclusivity for the visually impaired. As per the National Programme for Control of Blindness, one-third of the world’s visually impaired population live in India. Twelve million Indians, most of whom are children and young individuals, suffer from visual impairment. Although a small percentage of these people receive some education in special schools for the blind, they are often faced with adversities when finding employment to sustain themselves.

In the current times, where computers are an essential tool to survive globally, computer training for the visually impaired is necessary. Any certified computer or laptop has the functionality to make speech software accessible, and with proper training, this can help millions of visually impaired people overcome the handicap.

With Ramboll’s support, Silver Linings can provide computer training to visually impaired children at the Shiksha Preparatory Centre at Mayur Vihar, Delhi. They now have a proper Computer lab sponsored and fitted-out by Ramboll for visually impaired students to undertake online training.

For more information about this programme, click here.


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