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13 November 2018
How collaborating with universities can be beneficial to both academia and industry


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Ramboll’s internship programme

In the summer of 2018, Ramboll’s Dubai office sought out to form a relationship with a local university with the aim to open an internship programme to mentor young engineers and to inject new ideas into the practice. Heriot-Watt’s Architectural Engineering course stood out as a great academic partner as the course teaches engineering in a multi-disciplinary manner; an aspect that resonates with Ramboll’s multi-disciplinary and collaborative nature.

To begin the relationship, Greig Paterson and Abduljalal Suleiman (an alumni of Heriot-Watt) presented some of Ramboll’s projects and innovation topics at Heriot-Watt’s Dubai campus and met with many students.

Following an interview process, Richa Madhu and Rinku David were selected for Ramboll’s internship programme at our Dubai office. Richa, a recently graduated 4th-year student, interned full-time for three months with the MEP team, while Rinku, a current 4th-year student, is currently interning part-time for five months with the Sustainability team, while she continues her studies.

Richa worked on many challenging, fast-paced projects, including the Makers District, and brought in a number of skills, such as being able to build and run energy models. Rinku is working with her team to create innovative and more time-efficient simulation processes, helping the team to bring more value to Ramboll’s clients.   

How our Interns are Working on a 1:1 Scale

Running in parallel with her work at Ramboll, the Sustainability team’s intern, Rinku, has been working on the Solar Decathlon Middle East. The Solar Decathlon is a competition that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings, designed to fit their climate and context.

Rinku was able to sit down with some of Ramboll’s engineers, including fire and plumbing specialists, to finalise the design of her Solar Decathlon building with her Heriot-Watt team. In return, the confidence that working on a 1:1 scale has given Rinku, has meant that she has been able to integrate very quickly into the design process of Ramboll projects and help with energy simulations. She has also been working with the Sustainability team’s Greig Paterson to make our current simulation processes more streamlined and faster.

If you are in Dubai, you can visit Rinku’s building and all other Solar Decathlon buildings from the 14 to 29 November at Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Details below:



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