Celebrating Antarctica Day, ahead of Wharf works

1 December 2018
Today we celebrate Antarctica and the day when the Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1959. Now with 53 signatories, this special continent is set aside "forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes in the interest of mankind”.
Rothera Research Station. Image: Ramboll. Jenny Symons

Rothera Research Station. Image: Ramboll. Jenny Symons

Dave Grove. Ramboll

Dave Grove

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Britain was one of the original 12 nations to sign the treaty and continues to be a leader in the Antarctic Treaty System. Presence in Antarctica today is provided by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), which delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary science research in the Polar Regions.
Ramboll is now over two years into a seven-year partnership with BAS as their Technical Advisors. Ramboll is continuing their work to support BAS on the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme. This includes a host of projects to support world-class science through an upgrade of BAS research stations and infrastructure and preparations for one of the world’s most advanced Polar research ships - the RRS Sir David Attenborough

This Austral summer, construction work by BAS’s construction partner, BAM, begins at Rothera Research Station as the new Wharf, designed with input from Ramboll, gets underway. Ramboll’s Jenny Symons will be spending the next two months at the station in a site supervision role “I am really looking forward to working with the BAS and BAM teams to start building the new wharf. There has been so much meticulous planning that has gone into this project and it is fantastic to see the works started. It’s such a prestigious project and will be so valuable for continuing the great science research that BAS does in the Antarctic. On station, there is a good vibe, and everyone is excited about the new wharf”.

The new wharf is critical for safe berthing of the RRS Sir David Attenborough and will reduce the manual handling cargo loading/unloading time during station relief. This will in turn allow the ship to spend more time on science research cruises. The construction works will also improve the station’s small boating facilities for marine research. We look forward to hearing updates from the teams as construction progresses over the coming months.

Project details

Ramboll. RRS Sir David Attenborough. Image courtesy of British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey

Appointed by NERC as Technical Advisors to BAS (British Antarctic Survey), Ramboll is providing specialist engineering and consultancy services for seven years. Delivering a host of projects within the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP), BAS and its Technical Advisors (including NORR Architects and Turner & Townsend) are preparing for one of the world’s most advanced Polar research ships - the RRS Sir David Attenborough.


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