Hammersmith Flyover receives further industry accolades for its ingenuity

3 May 2016
Hammersmith Flyover receives recognition for ingenuity.
Awards for Hammersmith Flyover Phase 2 strengthening works. Ramboll

Awards for Hammersmith Flyover Phase 2 strengthening works. Ramboll

Matthew Collings. Ramboll

Matthew Collings

Director, Bridges (Strengthening and Refurbishment)
T: +44 23 8081 7500

The first award of 2016 to recognise the phenomenally complex £100m programme of works was presented by the Post Tensioning Association. The PTA 2016 Project of Special Recognition Award celebrates the innovative engineering solutions used to replace the original post-tensioning system, which has been deteriorating due to significant corrosion. This is believed to be the first time full new prestress has been installed in a bridge where it was not possible to remove the original.

The Hammersmith Flyover Phase 2 strengthening works (HFO2) received it’s second accolade of the year at the NEC3 Contracts Awards which recognise excellence in project delivery through collaboration. NEC is a family of contracts that facilitates the implementation of sound project management principles and practices as well as defining legal relationships. A ‘Highly Commended’ certificate recognised the high levels of collaboration within the HFO2 delivery team, which consisted of TfL, Costain, Ramboll–Parsons Brinckerhoff joint venture, Freyssinet, Structural Systems/Hevilift and Flint and Neill.

Paul Bottomley, Freyssinet UK managing director says: "We believe HFO2 is unique in its concept and particularly the size of the retro-fitted tendons. Replacing, fully, all the old post-tensioning without first removing it on such a significant structure is truly impressive".

Matthew Collings, Ramboll project director says: "The NEC principles of mutual trust and cooperation together with co-location of the design team helped facilitate a dynamic decision-making process. This resulted in a number of non-standard design approaches being adopted to address the unique technical challenges on this project within the tight time frame".

The high profile project was completed in September 2015. Details and further images are available here.

Hammersmith Flyover strenghtening system April 2016. Ramboll

Hammersmith Flyover - Phase 2 refurbishment and strengthening (HFO2)

Phase 2 strengthening of the Hammersmith Flyover (HFO2), was a phenomenally complex £100m programme including innovative engineering solutions to install a full new prestress without removing the original. With 70,000 users every day on a key strategic route into London, the structure, which had been deteriorating due to significant corrosion, presented many technical, logistical, programme and political challenges.


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