Gino Green City Masterplan

Visualisation: Liveability in a residential area, Masterplanning Tiblisi, Georgia

Visualisation: Liveability in a residential area, Masterplanning Tiblisi, Georgia

Ramboll’s Eco Green City masterplan in Tbilisi, Georgia exhibits cost-efficient infrastructure and world-class liveability for residents.

In March 2017 Gino Green City Corporation commissioned Ramboll to deliver a Conceptual Masterplan for an Eco Green City on the slopes towards Tbilisi Sea.

This masterplan, completed in Autumn 2018, combines vanguard urban design and energy solutions to liveability for residents. The 440-hectare area was designed to run on 100% renewable energy (solar, wind and thermal energy) and designed as a grid of pentagonal blocks (instead of traditional square blocks). This completely original approach to building typology guarantees a pleasant micro-climate free of wind tunnels and an interesting urban experience for residents.

The Eco Green City masterplan supports the city’s population and social infrastructure by integrating blue-green infrastructure, green energy, and alternative transport solutions. The use of innovative water management solutions (like rainwater protection and management), development of renewable energy supply, improvement of connectivity and mobility without cars, and creation of shared public spaces and mixed-use areas makes this masterplan relevant to urban development projects all over the world.

The Ramboll team incorporated various DGNB criteria for sustainable urban districts because this international benchmark encourages investor confidence and the provision of economically and environmentally sustainable social and commercial infrastructure.

The key priority for this masterplan was the liveability for the individual residents and included urban spaces, micro climate, climate change, recreational facilities, sustainable development principles, climate resilience, demand for quality housing, investor confidence, modern transport, desirable living conditions, a clean environment (air quality), access to quality education, modern technologies, and policy aligned with the EU.

The land for which the masterplan was designed is currently operated as the GINO Paradise Aqua Park Resort. Their wish was to develop this area as a demonstration of sustainable urban development for the future in Georgia. They wanted to include a western style urban plan into the Georgian tradition of living in and protecting the nature.

On this project, Ramboll provided holistic consulting covering a wide range of services within Transport, Buildings, Water, Environment & Health and Energy.

The project was developed solely by Ramboll from concept to design.

Alongside the concept development Cushman and Wakefield conducted a market study which fed into the urban development considerations.


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