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A metro line extension with two new stations will serve as a vital piece in the development of a new suburb in Stockholm with some 48,000 new inhabitants. Ramboll will deliver the railway plan including conceptual design, rail and environmental assessments and production of the construction documents.

Increased urbanisation and road congestion, and a focus on the environment and energy consumption make railways and metros a strong alternative to road transport for people and goods. In Stockholm, the new metro line between Akalla and Barkarby is part of one of the city’s most important community development projects, run by the Stockholm County Council.

- This is a project in line with our strategy to expand in the community development sector. It is important for us to develop cities where travelling and commuting is easy and convenient. That is a fundamental condition for stimulating growth in the Stockholm region, says Patrik Schelin, Senior Director in Ramboll.

A quid pro quo project
The new railway will provide a 3,5 kilometer extension of the existing Stockholm metro line in an area in rapid growth. The project is part of the so-called Stockholm negotiation, where the local community actors have made an arrangement to develop housing in the area while the Stockholm County Council provides the new metro line.

- Stockholm is growing very fast and this is just one of three new metro extension lines. At the moment around 300 people from Ramboll and our sub-consultants are involved in the project which is one of the bigger projects for both Ramboll and the City of Stockholm, says Peder Thorsager, Project Manager at Ramboll Sweden.

Together with the consultancy Tyréns, Ramboll are providing all services needed to reach the target from approval processes to construction documentation and also as-built-documentation.

Parallel projects require increased cooperation
Up until now Ramboll’s work on the Akalla-Barkarby line have consisted of documentation for public consultation of the railway plan. This year, the railway plan approval including environmental impact specification, application for environmental approval and tender documentation will commence.
Alongside the metro project, other development projects in Stockholm, which have an impact on the construction of the new metro line, are currently in the making.

- We are building a station for the metro line, where the different entrances will have to be integrated with the structures of the housing that are being built in the area. An entrance could potentially be placed in the basement of a house and we have to take this into consideration in our work, says Peder Thorsager.

Other progressing transport projects, such as the ring road surrounding Stockholm, are placed closely to the building of the metro which entails a lot of communication across projects.

- Since there are several parallel projects under construction, we are helping each other out by having common meetings on what is needed and then sharing the information among the involved consultants, says Peder Thorsager.

The new metro line is scheduled to open to traffic around 2021.


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