Climate Adaptation and Design of New Provincial Wharf

Wharf papua

Wharf papua


Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

Project Director
T: +45 5161 6291
Jesper Aarosiin Hansen

Jesper Aarosiin Hansen

Senior Expert, Hydraulic modelling
T: +45 5161 6685
Annette Oelert-Pedersen

Annette Oelert-Pedersen

Head of Ports, Marine and Geo Structures (Denmark)
T: +45 5161 1272

The Alotau provincial wharf, built in 1968, is located in a readily accessible location in Sanderson Bay at the northern head of Milne Bay. The facility plays an essential role in the socio-economic life of the Milne Bay Province. All income groups benefit from it directly as it seeks to improve and ensure connectivity for the population residing in Milne Bay Province, especially between the remoter outer islands and the provincial town of Alotau. The communities and economies in the outer islands are fully dependent on the wharf and the associated jetty for access to essential services and business activities in Alotau. The wharf serves small and medium cargoes and passenger vessels engaged in Milne Bay’s outer islands trade.

However, the 50-year old facility is in a poor state of repair and is vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, especially sea level rise and increasingly intensive storm surges.

For that reason, the wharf is in urgent need of rehabilitation and upgrade to, among other things, face increased water levels and storm surges caused by predicted future climate changes.

Ramboll was part of a consortium that won an assignment financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) to implement the proposed “Building Resilience to Climate Change in PNG”. The main objective of this program was to help implement PNG’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) that aims to achieve transformational change in addressing the current and future threats from climate change and related hazards.

As part of this, Ramboll was responsible for the PEFC Package - Part B "Detailed Engineering Design of Alotau Provincial Wharf" which – as a pilot project – was carried out to demonstrate how to climate proof marine structures to accommodate for future climate changes.

The project is explained further in this Youtube video:

A Much-Needed Makeover for Alotau Wharf, Papua New Guinea - YouTube


The project involved planning of necessary pre-investigations, hydraulic assessments and modelling to define hydrodynamic design parameters, assessment of required climate adaptation measures to meet future challenges, preparation of detailed design and contract documentation and assisting the local government in tendering and evaluation of tenders for constructions works for the proposed new Alotau Provincial Wharf. The services provide a showcase of the methodology to be applied to plan and implement climate resilient port/maritime structures.


Services Provided

  • Planning and execution of surveys and pre-investigations
  • Hydraulic assessments and modelling for determination of hydrodynamic design parameters
  • Assessment of required climate Adaptation measures to meet future challenges
  • Operational Planning
  • Detailed Design
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Assistance in evaluation of tenders for construction works


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