Extension of District Heating in Copenhagen

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark


Anders Dyrelund

Anders Dyrelund

District Heating and Energy Planning Specialist
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Opportunities were identified to double sales of district heat from 300 to 600 GWh, by enlarging the network and connecting large gas boilers in four municipalities.  The municipally owned waste management company Vestforbrænding made an investment of DKK500 million to do this.  Ramboll has provided the company with in-house consultancy services for 40 years, offering a number of different services. 

The inter-municipal waste management and district heating company Vestforbrænding owns and operates the largest waste-to-energy plant in Northern Europe. The company also owns a heat transmission and distribution network, which supplies mainly large consumers in the municipalities of Herlev, Ballerup and Gladsaxe in the Copenhagen Region.

The district heating network, which was established 30 years ago, is still in a very good condition. Being interconnected to the heat transmission companies CTR and VEKS, it is part of the integrated district heating system in the Copenhagen Region. All the surplus heat is therefore used.

Heat sale potential

In their Heat Plan 2010 Vestforbrænding identified opportunities to double the heat sale from 300 to 600 GWh by enlarging the network and connecting large gas boilers in four municipalities. An investment of DKK500 million, which proved to be very much in accordance with the Danish Energy policy and to the benefit of the heat consumers and the waste consumers in the 20 owner municipalities.

Heat Plan 2015 identified a similar profitable enlargement including transmission of heat to three additional municipalities and a 7 km interconnection to the heat transmission system Hillerød-Farum-Værløse.

This enlargement of the local market will enable Vestforbrænding to utilise also the capacity of the flue gas condensation in the summer period.

High connection rate

Vestforbrænding has optimised the distribution of heat and now operates a complex of 25 bar, 10 bar and 6 bar networks with indirect or direct connection.

Vestforbrænding has offered the new potential consumers a competitive heat price and free connection including installation of district heating substation. However, consumers smaller than 40 MWh have to pay for their own installations and a small connection fee. Thereby the connection rate exceeds 80 % from the first year.

Ramboll in-house for Vestforbrænding for 40 years

Ramboll has been in-house consultant for Vestforbrænding for 40 years, offering a wide range of services, including: heat plan strategies, project proposal to be approved by local government, hydraulic analysis of the network, GIS information system, sales, overall design, detailed design, tender documents, supervision, operation and operation.


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