E18 motorway extension from Koskenkylä to Kotka in Finland

Within Finland, Sweden and Norway in particular, Ramboll has been extensively involved in the establishment of the Nordic Triangle transport corridor, part of EU’s TEN-T road network, linking this region closer to the rest of Europe and beyond. As a part of the Nordic Triangle transport corridor, the E18 stretches all the way across southern Finland from Turku via the Helsinki metropolitan area to Vaalimaa at the Russian border providing a fast route to Eastern markets. Leading the consulting consortium in charge of construction design, Ramboll plays a central role in the E18 motorway extension from Koskenkylä to Kotka. 

The Koskenkylä – Kotka section, situated on the main road in the South-eastern Finland, is now in the construction design and construction phase. Ramboll is leading the consulting team (consisting of Ramboll, Sito Oy and Destia) responsible for the detailed design for construction. Besides highway engineering the project includes geotechnical, bridge, tunnel, noise, and environmental design as well as design for landscaping, lighting and traffic management.

The project will be implemented using the life-cycle model in which the service provider is responsible for the project funding, design, construction, and maintenance during the long agreement period. The life-cycle model is a Finnish application of the Public Private Partnership model (PPP). The planned construction period for Koskenkylä-Kotka section is 2011–2014.

At the end of last year, The Finnish Transport Agency procured the funding, design, construction, and maintenance of the E18 Koskenkylä-Kotka motorway from the road construction company Tieyhtiö Valtatie 7 Oy. Tieyhtiö Valtatie 7 Oy is now in charge of project management of this section whereas the consortium Pulteri is responsible for the practical construction work.

The E18 project and the life-cycle model are both familiar to Ramboll since we have also participated in designing the Muurla to Lohja and the Hamina to Vaalimaa sections of the E18 motorway. Ramboll is therefore well positioned to help deliver the Koskenkylä – Kotka project. It is estimated that the construction of the 53 kilometer Koskenkylä to Kotka motorway will already be partially open to traffic in 2013. At the moment, in March 2012, over one-fourth of the construction design is completed. The motorway in its entirety will be ready in autumn 2014.


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