EHSS capacity building: Port of Nador West Med

Construction site

Construction site


Muriel Bouzniac

Muriel Bouzinac-Martin

Principal - Impact Assessment
T: +33 14271 1110
NWM is responsible for the construction of deep water port infrastructures that are being built on a site in Betoya Bay, approximately 30 km from the city of Nador, Morocco. The NWM port complex will consist of a deep-water port with significant capacity for trans-shipment of containers and processing of bulk materials; and an industrial platform open to investors in a free zone of 1,500 ha with a development area of 2,500 ha. 

The project is part of the Royal Development Initiative of the Oriental region, which is currently lagging behind the rest of Morocco in many socio-economic parameters, especially the literacy rate and the level of poverty and vulnerability. Macroeconomic studies indicate that the port and associates free zone should, in the long term, create more than 100 000 jobs: about 30 000 direct jobs for the port and activities, 50 000 indirect jobs in outsourcing activities and 30 000 indirect jobs in trade and services.

Aspects that have been covered include, environmental and social management system, air emissions, waste and hazardous materials management, biodiversity, spill prevention and countermeasures, working conditions, occupational health and safety, stakeholders’ engagement, socio-economic impact. 

The proposed program involved the systematic application of the following methods: workshops and training, support tools and document review, ongoing coaching and targeted audits on implementation. The mission started in July 2016 for a period of 18 months and was subsequently extended for another 12 months.


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