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Copenhagen skyline, Denmark

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark


Pernille M. Overbye

Pernille M. Overbye

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The making of a strategy for the production and use of energy is a starting point for efficient energy management. Ramboll energy specialists and management consultants work with a number of cities and municipalities on the development of climate action plans to reduce CO2 emissions.

Vision to become carbon neutral

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the vision is to become CO2 neutral by the year 2025. The city enjoys special conditions for making this target feasible, such as a layout that favours public transport and an extensive district heating network. The vision, which was initiated by the City of Copenhagen and Ramboll, shows that it is possible to reach the target through improved energy efficiency and an increased share of renewable energy supplies.

Cutting 50% off emission levels

In Oslo, Norway, the target is to obtain 50% cuts in emission levels by 2030. We have assisted the Oslo Region in a revision and update of the existing action plan. Among other things, Oslo focuses on energy efficiency within transport, consumption patterns and waste.

Climate action plan in the Dahme-Spreewald District, Germany

For the Dahme-Spreewald District in Germany, Ramboll identified how CO2 emissions may be reduced. The overall objective of the climate action plan is to assess the options of improving the energy and CO2 balance. Our analysis includes all public buildings as well as the car pool and cycling path network in the municipality.

  • A full analysis of the energy and CO2 consumption
  • An assessment of the potential for reducing emissions
    - The assessment includes developing concrete technical measures to increase efficiency, e.g. different types of heating, renovation, waste management and public procurement
    - Also, it includes developing measures to create behavioural change among the employees of the municipality
  • A cost-benefit analysis
  • An estimate of the regional added value of implementing the measures
  • Development of a concept for the organisational setup to implement the plan.


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