Health Services Rehabilitation Project III, Component 2: Support to Blood Services

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The objective of the project is to improve health safety by increasing the blood centre capacity and quality by providing design, contract management and supervision services for the National Blood Services in Ghana. 

Blood for transfusion purposes is insufficient in Ghana. In 1994, approximately 42,000 units of blood were collected nationwide. In 1999, this number had decreased to about 32,000 in spite of the increased need for blood. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines estimate that 5 to 15 units of blood are needed per hospital bed per year. Estimating with an average of 6.7 units per bed, the need in Ghana would be about 90,000 units per year. Operating at the lowest level, the need would be 65,000 units of blood per year.

Improving health status

The overall objective of the Health III Project - financed by the African Development Fund (AfDF) as the lead agency and NDF and UNDP as co-financiers - is to improve the health status and reduce inequalities in health outcomes of people living in Ghana.

The aim of the project ‘Support to Blood Services’ is to achieve a well organised, coordinated and improved Blood Services (BS) and safe blood and blood components from regular voluntary non-remunerated blood donors. While at the same time ensuring adequate and appropriate use of the blood, which should be provided by trained professional staff from three blood centres to all hospitals in Ghana.

The main objective of the assignment is to provide design, contract management and supervision services for the National Blood Services Headquarters in Accra and two blood centres, one large in Accra covering a population of 11 million, and one medium-size in Kumasi covering a population of 7 million.

The support will concentrate on the National Blood Service (NBS) headquarters and Blood Centre (BC) in Accra for the southern sector, Ashanti BC (Kumasi) for the middle sector and later also Northern BC (Tamale) for the northern sector of Ghana. These centres will initially cover the country together with various blood banks in the hospitals.

Ramboll’s role in the project

Ramboll’s approach is based on partnering with the client. During the assignment’s pre-contract phase Ramboll will provide design and contract management services. The output will be architectural and engineering designs, working drawings and bidding documents.

After approval of the design by the client, Ramboll will assist the client in procurement of works in invitation to tender, bid evaluation and contract negotiations.

During the execution of the project, Ramboll will supervise by imposition of managerial, technical and fiscal controls on the performance of the contractor on the site on a day-to-day basis in order to assure execution of the works in compliance with the contractual stipulations and the agreed work programme.


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