Magasin X, Uppsala

Image credits: White Arkitekter

Image credits: White Arkitekter


Christian Zäll

Christian Zäll

Head of Department
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 About the project

In Uppsala, Vasakronan is building Sweden’s largest wooden office building, Magasin X, with a frame built entirely of wood. The building’s wooden frame will be visible to passers-by through its glass façade. The modern design, the surroundings and the proximity to a hub of public transport make it possible for Magasin X to become a sustainable benchmark for Uppsala in the long term.

Key challenges

The Magasin X project has ambitious environmental and energy goals that are reflected in a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification aiming at the highest rating: Platinum. Magasin X is, likewise, defined as a green asset according to the Vasakronan’s strict framework for green financing, making it possible to fund the project with green bonds and green loans.


In the project, Ramboll has contributed with design support and environmental coordination services in relation to the LEED certification. By doing so, Ramboll has made it possible for Vasakronan to build an innovative signature building with a very good energy performance. The design support primarily involved assistance with the design of the façade of the building as well as glass and solar shading focusing on indoor climate and energy efficiency. The building has low embodied carbon due to the timber structure and low operational carbon due to energy efficient solution and a geothermal storage.

Our Services

  • Environmental coordination (LEED AP).
  • Energy balance calculation for the building permit application and for LEED 4.0 - Optimized Energy Performance.
  • Analysis of the façade and solar shading solutions impact on cooling power demand and indoor climate.
  • Calculation of the building's power output from the geothermal energy storage.
  • Provided Vasakronan with information on the building's energy use prior to the application to the European Investment Bank (EIB).


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