Major pollution abatement in Algeria

The Algerian Ministry of Environment has launched a major programme for pollution abatement of the River Chlef. The 800 km long Chlef is the country’s most important river. Around four million people live along the river banks, which also accommodate a large number of heavily polluting industries.

Identifying polluters

As a first step, Ramboll is to identify the worst 200 polluters (20 plants within each of 10 pre-selected industrial areas) by studying existing data and information and by conducting interviews. For verification purposes Ramboll will set up a field laboratory to carry out flow measurements and analyses of water samples.

Design of pre-treatment plants

In the next stage pre-treatment plants for each selected plant are to be designed to treat wastewater containing heavy metals and other harmful impurities. Where such plants already exist, efficiency studies are to be carried out and recommendations made on how to stay within the existing pollution limits.

Large wastewater treatment plants

In stage three, ten wastewater treatment plants are to be designed - one plant for each industrial area. Algeria is a country with a significant risk of earthquakes and thus geotechnical studies will be carried out. An important part of the design work is to establish the risks of seismic activities and its possible impacts on the design work.

Design of sewage network

In the final stage, the sewage network from the selected industries and their pre-treatment plants to the waste water treatment plant will be designed. The treated water will, where ever possible, be reused for agricultural irrigation, or returned to the river. Recirculation measures to save water will also be proposed.

We are cooperating with long-term partner Hidrokomplex and local expertise, and during the project period, we will be making several study trips to Sweden to illustrate how similar difficulties are dealt with.


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