New sorting and biogas facility in Oslo

New sorting and biogas facility in Oslo

New sorting and biogas facility in Oslo


Ole Poulsen

Ole Poulsen

Head of Energy from Waste Department Sweden
T: +45 5161 8438

With focus on material recovery and energy production, Ramboll provides a wide range of consultancy services throughout the establishment of a new sorting and biogas facility in Vestby, Norway.

Addressing new requirements in Norwegian waste policy (min. 80% of energy and material recovery), the inter-municipal waste management company, Follo Ren IKS, is establishing a new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant based house-hold waste from 5 municipalities.

The new MRF plant utilises the latest technologies within sorting practises, which ensures the high degree of recovery of materials from household waste (metals, plastic and organic food-waste). The organic food-waste is later processed in the AD plant resulting in the production of bio-fertilisers (compost containing nitrogen, phosphorous etc.) and biofuels for transportation.

Ensuring 60% of plastic recovery

Apart from diverting fossil-derived emissions, the new plant will also ensure min. 60% plastic recovery, min. 80% metal recovery and that 80% of food waste is composted and used for its soil-improving capabilities. To avoid smell, the ventilation system has built-in biofilters and will be odour free to the neighbours.

The new MRF and AD plant is designed through an inter-disciplinary collaboration of process and civil engineering, leading to an integrated odour free waste management solution with a high degree of energy recovery and innovative sorting mechanisms.

Project Facts:

  • Capacity: 29,000 tonnes per annum
  • Waste: Household waste
  • Production:

-  Bio-fertilizer: 11.600 tons/yr

-  Biofuel: 10.846 MWh/yr

-  Plastics: 2.088 tons/yr

-  Metals: 391 tons/yr

Being the owner’s Engineer, Ramboll is responsible for:

  • Technology review, feasibility study and technical specifications
  • Project planning, conceptual design and technical specifications
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Environmental evaluation and permitting
  • Overall supervision and planning of construction and commissioning 


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