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Penang Island center marina

Penang Island center marina


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The new Penang South Islands (PSI) will be located at the south-end of Penang island. It consists of three islands, measuring a total of 4,500 acres in total land size with mixed-use districts for 15,000 to 18,000 residents. In addition, residents will be provided with approximately 4.6km of public beaches, 600 acres of parks and a 25km waterfront.

Penang State Government initiated an international design competition in January 2020 to transform Penang South Islands into a sustainable, global destination. Penang’s biodiversity spans various topographies and protected environments that have in recent years, encountered new developments that disrupt coastal zones and natural habitats. In contrast, BIG, local architect Hijjas and Ramboll’s masterplan proposal – BiodiverCity - supports the Penang 2030 vision with a clear focus on livability, to enhance the quality of life and boost the economy to raise household income and establish a framework for socially and economically inclusive development. But most importantly a development that is environmentally sustainable for the future generation.

The masterplan supports a water, air and land-based autonomous public transportation network aiming for a car free environment where streets serve as a safe and welcoming thoroughfare for bikers and pedestrian. The buildings in BiodiverCity, will be designed to perform resource efficiently and will to a large extent be constructed by low-carbon materials such as bamboo and Malaysian timber in combination with green concrete.


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