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Dronning Louises bro

Dronning Louises bro


Morten Kabell

Head of Smart Mobility
M: +45 51 61 06 62

The project is part of the Copenhagen Bicycle Policy, which aims at improving conditions for cyclists in city centre. Ramboll is involved in the planning and establishment of new bicycle paths in and around the historical urban core. The project is executed with a special focus on the integration of bicycle traffic with the historical city centre and the urban environment.

The bicycle path supports the urban qualities

It has been essential to Ramboll to improve the accessibility and interconnectivity of the bicycle paths of the city centre, while supporting the unique urban qualities. Therefore, an urban analysis was performed initially, which uncovered the unique qualities and places along the paths. The analysis ensured that attractive squares, important pedestrian connections and green areas, were included in the design of the paths. Concurrently, Ramboll completed an outline for the urban space development.

The final project involved, among other things, the establishment of counter flow bicycle paths in the streets of Bremerholm, Gothersgade and Kronprinsessegade. The counter flow bicycle paths have increased the accessibility in the close quartered city centre, which was previously dominated by one-way connections.

ITS in the medieval city centre

The project also used the bicycle-promoting ITS solutions such as Green Wave Signage and Securing Dangerous Intersections. 


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