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Ramboll head office

Ramboll head office

The vision for Ramboll’s Head Office was to become a holistic and sustainable reference project. Therefore the Head Office project group in close co-operation with Ramboll's most experienced specialist in the field of sustainability implemented as many sustainable solutions in the project as possible. 

The Head Office is connected to the Copenhagen district heating network which is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world, supplying heat to a city with a population of more than one million people. The transport system is also quite unique. Metro stations, buses and regional train connections are in a close proximity to Ramboll Head Office and you will see special bicycle lanes making it easy and safe to travel for cyclists to and from work.

Due to the relatively large influence of the cooling on the indoor climate, especially this area has gained extra attention during the work with the most optimal cooling solution. Ramboll therefore uses a ground water cooling system ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) with the capability of a ground water storage to store coldness and heat over long time periods. This system is a quite unique solution, which is expected to save up to 85% energy for cooling.     

One of the targets for Ramboll Head Office is that the energy consumption should be lower compared to similar buildings.

Actually the calculated energy consumption for the most consuming installations such as lighting, ventilation, pumps and cooling should be ten to fifteen percent below the energy requirements in the current building code.

Energy consumption for other equipment such as PCs, servers, printers etc. usually account for 20-30 percent of the total electricity consumption in an office building.

Energy efficient lighting with movement censors have been installed in the office work areas making the lighting intelligent and only in use when needed and thereby reducing the total energy consumption for lighting.  

Pumps and ventilators in the building are controlled automatically and are only running when needed, reducing the energy consumption and the noise level in pipes and ducts.

In 2010, the project was shortlisted by WAN (World Architecture News) as one of the five best office buildings in the world. 


First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
Tel:+971 4 334 3616
Fax:+971 4 334 3617


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