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Lars Elmer Kellerman

Lars Elmer Kellermann

Head of Department, Railway Infrastructure Design, Denmark
T: +45 5161 7627

Ramboll is responsible for the screening and upgrade of the railway tracks between Aarhus and Hobro. The tracks will be upgraded and prepared for 200 km/h line speed. This project is part of “Timemodellen”, which is the work designed to bring down the travel time between Aalborg and Aarhus to one hour.

The vision by the Danish Ministry of Transport, as outlined in the strategy “Train Fund Denmark”, is to reduce the travel time duration of key train routes in Denmark to one hour each, e.g. Copenhagen-Odense, Odense-Aarhus and Aarhus-Aalborg. In order to realise the vision, the existing railway track between Aarhus and Hobro needs to be prepared to hold a line speed of 200 kph, despite a hilly terrain and many sharp turns.

The project consists of inspecting the existing tracks and analysing where higher speeds are possible. Among other improvements, six crossings will be closed, meaning tunnels or bridges will be established in certain locations. Several train stations along the stretch of tracks will be optimised, and curves will be straightened and adjusted.

The current travel time is one hour and 21 minutes between Aarhus and Aalborg. Thus, the project is scheduled to shorten the overall travel time from Aarhus to Hobro by 21 minutes.

The project allows Ramboll to use and develop further competencies within 3D design to plan and calculate the necessary adjustments.


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