Feasibility study and design for the port of Gabon

Gabon Special Economic Zone Mineral port S.A.

Gabon Special Economic Zone Mineral port S.A.


Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

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Peter Bak Frederiksen

Project Director
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Services we provided

As a part of major initiative to propel the economic growth in Gabon, the Republic of Gabon has aggressively been working on the improvement of the import and export capabilities of the seaports along the coast.

In order to overcome logistic limitations and constrains of existing Port of Owendo, Olam International has partnered with Government of Gabon in establishing a new port, named “Gabon Special Economic Zone Mineral Port S.A.”

The new port to be developed includes a Mineral Terminal for export of Manganese Ore. The location of the Mineral Terminal has many advantages; it is connected directly via roads and main rail line to the mining areas of Gabon, and the geographic location in the Gabon Estuary close to the Atlantic Ocean is perfect for exporting the manganese ore to international markets.

Further GSEZ are investigating the possibilities for establishing a Fishing Terminal and a Ship Repair Yard adjacent to the Mineral Terminal.

A team of experts from Ramboll Denmark, Ramboll Finland and Ramboll Management Consulting have performed Market Studies for the Fishing Terminal and Ship Repair Yard, Techno-Commercial Analysis and Preliminary Design for the entire new port located in the Gabon Estuary south of Libreville.

The manganese ore will be transported to the Mineral Terminal by trains via the existing Trans-Gabon railway.

Eventually the new Mineral Terminal is designed for annual export of 10 million tons manganese ore from a jetty berth accommodating bulk carriers with capacity up to 50,000 DWT.

Fishing Terminal and Ship Repair Yard will be established in the northern port area.

Viability assessment

Ramboll has assessed the viability of the establishment of a Fishing Terminal and Ship Repair Yard, and prepared the basis for the further detailed planning and design in the coming stages of the entire Gabon Special Economic Zone Mineral Port S.A.

Services provided

  • Market Studies for Fishing Terminal and Ship Repair Yard
  • Techno-Commercial Analysis for Fishing Terminal, Ship Yard and Mineral Terminal, including
    • Capacity evaluations and functional planning
    • Assessment of coastal hydrodynamic and sediment transport conditions, manoeuvring and navigation conditions, land use constraints, geotechnical conditions etc.
    • Port Master Planning
    • Conceptual Design
    • CAPEX and OPEX estimates
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Preliminary Design


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