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Amager Resource Centre (ARC) is a Danish waste management company with an emphasis on sustainability. Their recycling stations receive more than 800,000 visits a year. ARC’s waste-to-energy facility receives and processes waste from approximately 550,000 residents and 45,000 businesses and in turn delivers electricity and district heating to approximately 150,000 households. The existing waste-to-energy facility is scheduled for decommissioning in 2017, and the facility is being replaced by the world's most modern facility engineered by Ramboll. 

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the asset management consultancy was divided into two phases:

  • Maintenance optimisation at the existing facility, covering maintenance screenings, planning and RCM
  • Asset management preparation/implementation according to PAS55 at the new facility
The purpose in the preliminary phase was to define the exact right extent/level of maintenance in order to enable the existing facility to operate until decommissioning without compromising availability and safety. This plan incorporated consideration of risk, consequences and optimisation. This ensured that the client only had to spend the absolutely necessary on maintenance in the decommissioning period. As a result of this initial project, Ramboll assisted subsequently by building up a new asset management system at the new facility.

Project content

The entire project included the following topics:
  • Maintenance assessments (screening of current performance level according to world class)
  • Cost evaluation and contents
  • Asset management consultancy according to PAS55 / ISO55000 for the new facility
  • Strategy planning and development of asset management policies and goals
  • RCM, Reliability Centred maintenance
  • Life Cycle Costs (LCC) calculations
  • Maintenance planning
  • Management of commissioning the new facility
In addition to asset management consultancy, Ramboll also provided advice on all process equipment and led the commissioning phase. Projects like these really show how Ramboll is able to solve complex multidisciplinary projects using skills such as operations, engineering and management to the benefit of the clients.


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