Biogas Tønder - the largest biogas plant in the Nordics

A bioenergy facility in Jutland, Denmark

A bioenergy facility in Jutland, Denmark


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In South Denmark a large-scale biogas plant is under development. The plant will treat liquid manure, household waste and energy crops from 120 farmers, and Ramboll advises on design and applications for authorities’ approval.

Breaking the Nordic record

So far the largest biogas plant in the Nordics has been the Maabjerg BioEnergy facility in Denmark with an annual treatment capacity of 800,000 tonnes of biomass and a biogas production of 21 million m3. Ramboll was involved in the engineering of this facility.

Now this record is about to be broken by a new plant to be located in Tønder in the South of Denmark, and also this time Ramboll provides engineering support to a record breaking facility. In addition to producing 68.5 million m3 of biogas a year, the plant will create new jobs in the region and strengthen the role of farmers as suppliers of renewable energy.

930,000 tonnes of manure, energy crops and organic waste

The plant, dubbed Biogas Tønder, will be installed by ENVO Biogas Tønder A/S with Per Aarsleff A/S as turnkey contractor. Two plants are in the pipeline – one in Tønder which is reaching the construction phase and subsequently a similar plant in Aabenraa.

Each plant will have the capacity to receive 930,000 tonnes of biomass annually. The biogas plant in Tønder will treat liquid manure and energy crops from 120 farmers and in the future also organic household waste. The plant produces biogas which is a renewable fuel that can be used in a number of ways.

- Biogas can be used in boilers to provide heat only, in combined heat and power plants (CHP) to generate both electricity and heat, or upgraded to biomethane and then injected into the gas network or used as a vehicle fuel. The biogas generated at the Tønder plant will be used in DONG Energy’s gas network to supply the citizens of South Jutland, says Einar Gudmundsson, Senior Consultant at Ramboll’s energy division.

Engineering manager

Since late summer 2014 Ramboll has acted as the turnkey contractor’s engineering manager in Tønder. Ramboll is responsible for the coordination of plant design, including review of process design, authority liaison, CE labelling, electrical design and environmental coordination.  Ramboll offers a broad range of experience from the similar biogas project in Maabjerg.

98 pct. energy

Ramboll has considerable experience in the preparation of anaerobic digestion (AD) plant business models. Once a conclusion on the feasibility and scale of a plant has been reached, Ramboll can select, design and procure the correct reception facilities and waste handling equipment as well as the AD plant itself.

- Biogas is made up of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, water vapour and other minor components and particulates. The methane, and therefore the energy, content of the biogas can be increased up to 98% or more by removing the other components. In this form biomethane is suitable for injection into the gas network, says Einar Gudmundsson.

The plant is scheduled for commissioning in 2016.


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