Waste-to-Energy in Brescia, Italy

Brescia Waste to energy

Brescia Waste to energy


Bettina Kamuk

Global Market Director, Energy from waste
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ASM Brescia S.P.A. (now A2A) is a large public utilities company established more than 100 years ago. The company is responsible for the production of power and district heating, gas supply, waste collection, treatment and disposal, and wastewater treatment. Brescia was one of the first cities to have a well-established district heating network.

Today, the waste-to-energy plant supplies heat to approx. 65 per cent of Brescia’s inhabitants. In addition, ASM Brescia runs an adjacent power plant, a composting plant for source-separated household and garden waste and a sanitary landfill.

Establishment of crane automation

Ramboll assisted the waste-to-energy plant of ASM Brescia in installing a new waste crane and establishing crane automation. The management of the waste-to-energy plant became very interested in crane automation during one of Ramboll’s visits to the plant when Ramboll reported on the success of automated cranes at the four largest waste-to-energy plants in Denmark, I/S Amagerforbrænding, I/S Vestforbrænding, I/S Reno-Nord and I/S Kara-Noveren. Ramboll’s experience from these four plants was a decisive factor when ASM Brescia requested our assistance.

Cranes for waste-to-energy plants have until recently been mainly manually operated or operated in semi-automatic mode. However, in recent years a higher degree of automation has become possible, and at some waste-to-energy plants even fully automated cranes are being implemented. The shift to automatic crane operation is a great improvement on the working conditions for the crane operator and offers significantly reduced operating costs.


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