Capacity Replacement at Waste-to-Energy Facility North of Copenhagen, Denmark

Waste-to-energy Facility in Horsholm, Denmark

Waste-to-energy Facility in Horsholm, Denmark


Thomas Hyldgard Christensen

Thomas Hyldgard Christensen

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To ensure that Danish inter-municipal waste management company Norfors can continue to receive municipal waste and produce CO2 neutral power and district heating to Northeast Zealand at its waste-to-energy facility, Norfors has replaced its existing units 1-3 with a new unit 5.

The three old units, which were commissioned between 1969 and 1989, were approaching the end of their lifetime and would have required major investments in energy technology and environmental protection equipment to be able to live up to present and future requirements. The new unit 5 represents state-of-the-art energy resource recovery from the waste treated at the facility.

Improved energy efficiency and higher environmental profile

The waste-to-energy facility maintains the same total capacity, but now boasts even better energy efficiency and a higher environmental profile. Unit 5 is very similar in layout to unit 4 from 2000, but has been optimised based on the operation experience of Norfors and the technological development in the interim period. With the new unit 5, the district heat production at the facility is increased by 30 per cent, and the power production is doubled while treating the same amount of waste. Using the best available technology, the emissions are reduced to one third of the limit values.

Combined heat and power production

Unit 5 is designed to handle 10 tonnes of waste per hour and annually produces more than 80 GWh power and 370 GWh district heating, corresponding to the power consumption of approx. 15,000 households and the heat consumption of approx. 25,000 households. Unit 5 is utilising flue gas condensation in combination with heat pumps to maximise energy production, ultimately increasing the energy efficiency of the facility up to 107.5%. 

Owner’s engineer

Ramboll was the owner’s engineer to Norfors during the planning and implementation of the new unit. Ramboll assisted the client through all stages of the project, from the initial idea through feasibility analysis and planning to commissioning. Ramboll was responsible for both mechanical and electrical equipment. Furthermore, Ramboll was responsible for site management and HSE.

Constrained site

One of the challenges of the project was the limited space available for the new unit as it had to be built within the borders of the existing site. Ramboll assisted Norfors in establishing the new unit on the constrained site, ensured integration and maintained operation of the existing facility throughout the process.

Project facts unit 5

  • Capacity: 80,000 tonnes per annum
  • Waste: Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Low Grade Biomass
  • Energy performance: 8 MW (electrical), 22 MW (thermal)
  • Flue Gas Condensation driven by compression heat pumps producing an additional 9 MW heat output
  • Net energy efficiency up to 107.5 %
  • Furnace/boiler: Grate fired furnace and horizontal pass boiler
  • Steam Parameters: 50 bar/4000C
  • Turbine: Backpressure turbine
  • Flue gas treatment: Semidry flue gas treatment, including condensing scrubber
  • Procurement: Public Procurement. Lot based tender
  • Commissioning: 2016


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