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Anders Nimgaard Schultz

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Eneco has a vision to make the production of heat to the district heating network more sustainable to their 52,000 households and 1,100 business customers in Utrecht and Nieuwegein. Consequently, Eneco decided to implement a high-efficiency biomass plant with a total capacity of 60 MW heat at the existing combined heat and power plant Lage Weide in Utrecht.

In 2015, Ramboll was selected as Owner’s Engineer for the first phase of the project; a 30 MW biomass fired heat plant to be built next to the existing gas fired power station. Later in 2018, Ramboll was selected to support the implementation of the second phase of additional 30 MW heat.

The fuel for the plant will consist of a combination of green biomass such as chipped wood from tree tops and branches; and brown biomass from shredded not composted fractions from compost oversize sieving.

Heat from the plant will be supplied to the existing heating network of Utrecht.

The advanced technology applied for the plant is based on grate technology for the hot water boiler.

The state-of-the-art flue gas treatment plant consists of a reactor for absorption of HF, HCl, and SO2 and in addition NOx is reduced in a combination of SNCR and SCR.

To optimise the plant efficiency to close to 110 % (lower heating value), an advanced flue gas condensation plant including absorption heat pump was chosen.
The new plant will use existing I&C components of manufacturer Siemens T3000, which will be upgraded and used for the new plant.

Ramboll’s activities began with a concept study and project risk evaluation, which led to the development of a tender specification for an EPC turnkey procurement of the plant.

Ramboll supported Eneco in the tendering and contracting phases leading to contract signing with an EPC Contractor on 1 May 2017.

Ramboll supported the project as Owner’s Engineer during the implementation phase.


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