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Anders Dyrelund

Anders Dyrelund

District Heating and Energy Planning Specialist
T: +45 5161 8766 is investigating a range of different opportunities for increasing the flexibility of electricity demand to better match the supply pattern. One of the sectors considered by is the residential sector. Ramboll was chosen as project manager based on our broad experience of project management as well as energy management.

In addition, Ramboll was asked to take charge of the detailed design of the project and analyse and report the project findings. The project was implemented in the supply area of Sydenergy while TV material was produced by Sydproduktion.

A representative test group of 500 households was selected, and an hour-based consumption registration system was developed. The group was exposed to a range of different information schemes and incentives, including a TV broadcasted energy forecast, a website providing the daily energy forecast together with background information as well as advise as to how to move electricity consumption away from expensive hours; a spot price contract providing the consumers with the financial benefit of shifting the consumption, and others.

The project proved a potential of 50-100 MW of electric capacity to be saved in Denmark.

The project offered important help to further develop the flexible electricity demand strategy and to justify the implementation of flexible electricity pricing in the future.


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