Action plans for reduction of CO2 in Oslo

Two people working at whiteboard

Two people working at whiteboard

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Ramboll has assisted the Oslo Region in a revision of the previous climate action plans aiming for 50% cuts in emissions levels. 

Oslo has adopted an ambitious target of 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030. Ramboll has been engaged to assist in a revision and update of this action plan. The assessment summarizes the status of the work, examines measures potentials up to 2030 and suggests new targets for greenhouse gas reduction.

The Oslo climate action plan focuses on the following four subject areas:

  • Area and transport
  • Stationary energy
  • Consumption patterns and waste
  • Climate changes

Ramboll has been responsible for ensuring a good process to all agencies in Oslo and to bring up the instruments and measures in a systematic way. To obtain this goal we have among other things carried out workshops and seminars.

Ramboll has worked out a description of the measures of the four subject areas. Moreover we have examined the barriers which the recommended initiatives might cause, the costs and the probable synergy effects.


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