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Mongstad CHP

Mongstad CHP


Anders Nimgaard Schultz

Anders Nimgaard Schultz

Vice Director of Power Generation
T: +45 5161 3395

Ramboll was appointed by Statoil (Equinor) in Norway to carry out the FEED phase of the refinery heat project at the Mongstad combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

In 2017, the client was in search of a solution to maintain operation of the Mongstad CHP without use of gas from external sources.

Ramboll presented Statoil with three potential concepts for a study in the end of 2017. The chosen solution was subsequently further developed, and the FEED phase finished in April 2018.

Lowering costs and lessening environmental impacts

The refinery is tightly integrated with the CHP-plant using the surplus heat from the gas turbines to heat crude oil and produce steam in the waste heat recovery units downstream the exhaust canals from the turbines.

The refinery needed to maintain steam production and crude oil heating by replacing one gas turbine with a hot gas generator, primarily producing sufficient heat to keep current throughput in the refinery. The hot gas generator will enable production of power and steam from excess refinery gas only, and where more gas would previously have been used, hydropower will now be in the forefront.

The overall benefits of the project are reduced operating costs along with potential environmental benefits.

Ramboll has prior knowledge of working on the Mongstad CHP plant with involvement in establishing the original power plant from 2005 to 2011.

Ramboll’s work on the project included:

  • Feasibility study, Pre-FEED and FEED design
  • Project management and engineering services
  • Project support
  • Planning
  • Document control
  • Technical consulting and design services
  • Specification and contract negotiation of equipment packages
  • Establishment of the new facility
  • Development of plans for demolition of the former gas turbine.

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