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Henrik Steffensen

Senior Project Engineer
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Solarge was a European co-operation project to open up markets for large solar thermal plants. Ramboll was an active participant in SOLARGE, a European project co-operation that served the purpose of opening and stimulating the market for large solar heating plants in EU countries.

SOLARGE supported this undertaking with information, training and communications measures.

Aims and objectives

SOLARGE aimed to dismantle existing market barriers and obstacles to the extensive use of solar heat. For this, SOLARGE developed market and practice related tools for all areas affecting collective solar heating, such as political and legal conditions, technical developments, best practice in pilot projects and information, qualification and marketing measures. Awareness campaigns directed at all relevant professional target groups. These activities aimed to stimulate the market for collective solar heating in the partner countries.

SOLARGE was supported by the EU Commission's "Intelligent Energy – Europe programme" with participation of collaborators from eight European countries.


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