Waste-to-Energy-to-Water Facility in Oman

Oman Be'ah

Oman Be'ah


Bettina Kamuk

Global Market Director, Energy from waste
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A new waste-to-energy-to-water facility in Oman, will supply renewable energy and desalinated water from 700,000 tonnes of waste a year. Ramboll has assisted the national waste management company, Be’ha, in design development and implementation.

From Waste to Water

The green-field waste combustion facility is an important element in the diversion from landfill and implementation of recovery programs in Oman. The facility will be the first of its kind in Oman and will produce renewable energy to be used for desalination of water. 

Previously, huge amounts of waste were put on dumpsites with the risk of harming the environment and human health. With the new facility, sustainable waste management will be implemented, energy will be recovered from waste, and only residual inert waste after combustion will be brought to landfills, or may alternatively be used as building materials. Placing the facility next to a landfill will allow for expanding the site as population and demand grows.

“The project will be the first of its kind and will be a flagship facility in the region”, says Project Director Bettina Kamuk. “We have focused a lot on finding the right technical solutions which, on one hand are robust and proven and on the other is state of the art, she continues.

The plant will fulfil the strictest emission limit values and will be optimised for high energy efficiency.

Important technology choices

Ramboll has been selected to verify the waste characterization in order to ensure that the facility will be fit for the residual waste after recycling.

Selecting a resilient and robust thermal process system is crucial to a good operation. Thermal gasification, plasma gasification and pyrolysis technologies have all been assessed and compared to modern grate fired combustion technology.

Due to the long track record and good operational references, grate fired technology has been selected as the preferred technology for the site.

About the client

Be’ah, a government owned waste management company, is established with the mission to develop the waste management sector in Oman by providing safe, efficient and the most economically and environmentally sustainable services in innovative ways.

Read more about Be'ah here.


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