Tampere and Turku moden trams, master plan

Tampere, FI

Tampere, FI


Jukka Pekka

Jukka-Pekka Pitkänen

Global Division Director, Smart Mobility
T: +358 40 738 4190
Focal points for the master planning process were:
  • Assessment of the best route alternatives for a public transport system at different points in the city’s transport network
  • Cost efficiency
  • Land use development
  • Image of the city
  • Land use planning and impact assessment also played key roles in the project process.
The project was carried out by a consortium group of Ramboll Finland Ltd. and WSP Finland Ltd. Ramboll had previously prepared preliminary plans for City of Tampere in 2011.  The project was divided between consortium members so that Ramboll was  primarily responsible for the Tampere tram plan and WSP for the Turku tram plan. Coordination of the project between these two cities and companies was managed by Ramboll.

Value added for the customer

The key focus of the transport system for the City of Tampere is to renew modes of transport and limit the growth of car use. The primary objective of the modern tram is to increase the modal share of public transport.


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