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Søren Løvstad Christensen

Søren Løvstad Christensen

Senior Project Manager, Energy Strategy & Planning
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CESI and Ramboll teamed up to determine the best options for electrical and gas interconnections in connection with the creation of a single energy market for 20 Arab countries by 2030.

A single, Arab energy market by 2030

The Arab region is well-known for its status as a major exporter of natural gas to Europe. With the expanding economies and following increase of energy demand, the region wants to promote internal trade between the countries.

The Arab League of Countries sought the assistance of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) to carry out a feasibility study with the goal of determining the possibility for energy trade among the Arab countries.

In the spring of 2012, AFESD awarded CESI the high profile feasibility study in the Middle East and North Africa. CESI is an independent centre of expertise and a global provider of technical and engineering services to clients throughout the energy value chain. CESI and Ramboll worked out the study in close collaboration. The study looks into the feasibility of proposed infrastructure developments and identifies implementation methods.

Comprehensive scope and complicated stakeholder management

The main objectives and scope of the study addressed the outlining of a strategy and master plan to develop the trade of energy among Arab countries, determining the trade-offs between export of electricity and/or natural gas. The strategy plan had to be backed by techno-economic feasibility analyses of those scenarios. This included:

• Assessment of potential, available natural gas resources and potential revenue from export
• Survey on current identification of new natural gas infrastructure
• Creating scenarios of overall feasibility of proposed infrastructure developments
• Proposing a common trade model to enhance intra-regional trading
• Identifying the implementation plan for the proposed infrastructure developments

Furthermore, the project involved between 50 and 60 stakeholders that Ramboll and CESI needed to manage when assessing potential, available natural gas resources.


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